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Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers
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In a form of sheer simplicity, SQUARE earrings are an irresistible combination of silky and shiny textures of gold in a mesmerising display. You will fall in love with these ultra wearable earrings with subtle sparkles. When you shine, nothing can stop you! Wear them with THE BAR EXTENSION for spectacular effects! Guaranteed!.

Disc with 1.8cm diameter, from which a quarter is cut out, worn perpendicular to the earlobe


Eco packaging.

14K recycled gold.

All of our jewelry is made from recycled gold, recovered from jewelry that is no longer desired. Gold is an amazing resource, and yes, it is recyclable, as it’s able to be repeatedly reused without losing quality or harming the environment.

Our jewelry needs a minimum of care and attention: we advise you to take off your jewelry when swimming, playing sports, gardening, or doing household activities, and avoid wearing your jewelry while sleeping. When you are not wearing it, keep your jewelry in the boxes received when purchasing the products or in the specially designed bags.

€ 436


  • Composition: 14K recycled gold
  • Fastening: gold posts secured by wing nut closures
Product Code: ACD02_EN | Deliverability: 5-7 work days
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