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Papetarii de la Noemi Meilman

The idea of Dreams and Hopes Notebook firs came to it's initiator, Noemi Meilman's mind, a couple of years ago, when on her nightstand about 20 notebooks pilled together, collected from hotel rooms she had previously checked in. "Those notebooks were intended for my writting morning dreams, as soon as I would go out of bed.""says Noemi.

"One day I pondered upon the thought of making a notebook where I would write down all my dreams, but also my future plans. it can be a notebook or a shopping list or even a diary, as long as it has veline sheets and it looks as I want it to look. I wanted to have Bauhaus charcters writing and I wanted to be a notebook worthy of "Noe's Pleasure's. Thus, this is the Dreams and Hopes Notebook [...]".

The notebook is 15,5 cm wide and 21 cm long and has 96 de pages, sewn with grey thread. It was manufactured in Fabrik studio, after a few meetings with the team. Each counterfoil is different. The pieces of wallpaper were cut and arranged in such a manner that none of the dreams is the same with the other 50. Most of the notebooks are with palm trees and very few with Flamingos (in two versions), with dog tails and and blue leafs. This firs edition is very limited of only 50 notebooks for sale.

I thank you all and I wish that you only have pleasant dreams and hopes and, if not all with a “happy end”, at least with “fine memories” Noemi Meilman.