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Oh, Amalfi! Santieri Kimono

Oh Kimono

Oh, Amalfi! Santieri Kimono

The fresh, soft fragrance of lemons in the summer breeze...The soft touch, away from the burning sun of a kimono that lights up your day... This is what I wanted to create. The feeling of Italy, wherever you are this summer. This kimono made me think of the various windy roads in Amalfi..of the colors and patterns that intertwine. The finishes are eco-friendly and all the fabric waste is recycled. The packaging is entirely recyclable as well.

€ 133


  • Composition: 100% sateen
  • Care: washing at 30 or 40°C
  • Fastening: sateen belt
  • Miscellaneous: medium, square japanese sleeves closed
Product Code: OHK008_EN | Deliverability: 3-7 working days
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