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Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers
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Long Chain Snail Earrings


Long Chain Snail Earrings

Long Chain Snail Earrings are part of the Ready To Wear collection that is inspired by the boundless ways in which nature manifests itself. Long Chain Snail Earrings are a unique piece by the message they convey, perhaps by their imposing appearance, by the attention to detail that emerges from the representation of pearl makers - shells or perhaps by the long and delicate silver threads that aim to put in evidence any face.

Behind MOOGU jewelry are incredible techniques: 3D design, 3D printing in wax, casting, manual finishing and manual stone setting. Each piece of jewelry is handmade to the highest standards and is made to your specifications.

The jewelry is produced in Romania and is handmade with love and attention, in the MOOGU® studio. Because they are handmade, there may be differences in shape, size or color between the product presented and the finished product ordered.

€ 132


  • Composition: 925 silver
  • Care: store in a package and clean periodically
  • Fastening: needle
  • Miscellaneous: weight approx. 25 g; length approx. 17 cm; width approx. 3 cm
Product Code: MG138-EN | Deliverability: 1-2 working days
Different by choice. Unique by selection. Driven by authenticity.