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The XX harness #1


The XX harness #1

Golden leather harness, carefully handmade, with beige pvc on the interior side and beige velcro closure. The piece has a 'X' cut frontandback, 2 vertical long-size straps on the sides and a waist belt. Stylig tips! Wear it with a simple and classic dress. The leather, 100% natural, is used both on the front side of the item and on the vertical straps\' back side that start below the waistline. There are 2 points of velcro closure on the back: one on the waist belt and one at the X cut intersection. Harness's measures (custom made): above the waistline 40 cm/15.7 and below the waistline 110 cm/43.3 .

Regular Price: € 305

Special Price € 234


  • Composition: 100% leather
  • Care: remove dust with a soft fabric and stains with water and soft moves
  • Miscellaneous: Clothing H&M
Product Code: ABH002-EN | Deliverability: 5 working days
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