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Fun in the sun pack


Fun in the sun pack

The basic package for hot days in the sun.

Contains two synergic products: a sun protection oil and the after-sun cream Ondine. Made solely from natural ingredients with a high capacity for protecting and helping sun exposed skin. Skin and ocean friendly.

Product details:

Sun protection oil 100ml – for a natural and balanced tan. Nourishes, protects and prevents skin from drying.Nature has already created for us oils that can help balance the negative effects of sun radiation. We have skillfully combined the best of them in a sun protecting and nourishing oil, so that we can enjoy the benefits of having fun in the sun. Contains sesame seed oil, carrot infused oil, marigold infused oil, seabuckthorn seed oil, raspberyy seed oil and vitamine E.

Ondine after-sun cream 100ml – a very nourishing, soothing and regenerating moisturizer, ideal for all skin types exposed to sun radiation. Maintaining our skin’s hydration is essential after each sun exposure, and applying a suitable after-sun moisturizer is a must for any healthy skincare routine. Formulated for sun exposed or tanned skin, Ondine deeply hydrates your skin and helps repair the cells affected by radiation. Created to prevent scaly skin and maintain a longer tan, keeping your skin smooth as velvet.The naturally active ingredients we use come from chalmoogra oil (an old oriental skin remedy) that contains hydnocarpic oil and other fatty acids with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Tamanu oil is another old remedy from Polinesia, abunding in antioxidants and fatty acids with great emollient abilities. These are boosted by shea and kokum butter, two ingredients that give plumpness and accelerate skin healing.

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  • Care: keep away from direct sun, in a cool and dry place, between 5-25 Celsius. Valability: 3 months for Ondine after-sun cream, 6 months for the sun protection oil.
Product Code: PAN10-EN | Deliverability: 3 working days
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