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Double Cream Hat

DeCorina Hats

Double Cream Hat

The hat is made of a very fine type of straw called parasisal and is accessorised with two beige ribbons embroidered with "Nobody is perfect...but I am the best". This hat is custom made from white or black parasisal, with different ribbons and embroidery and it will be delivered within 10-14 working days.

Size & Fit

€ 321


  • Composition: parasisal straw
  • Care: Store the hat in a box or cabinet away from humidity and dust. Set the hat upside down to dry naturally on a flat surface. If the sweatband or even the main body of the hat is stained, use a damp cloth heated on the iron.
Product Code: DCH002-EN | Deliverability: 10 to 14 working days
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