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Business of Fashion Spring Edition

BICI by Mirela Bucovicean

Business of Fashion Spring Edition

 The Business Institute for Creative Industries (BICI)is a professional development platform created acknowledging the lack of direction young entrepreneurs encounter when diving into new business ideas in the Creative Industry sector. 

The Business of Fashion is the first course which dives into teaching practical business skills to creative entrepreneurs from the fashion field (clothing, accessories, designers, stylists, producers, journalists, online or offline retailers ) with the help of reputable Mirela Bucovicean, the founder of, Molecule F Concept Store and Molecule PR.

Business of Fashion is committed to grinding the idea of the entrepreneur, building a strong foundation for launchingthe business, assimilating a suitable financial model, and building a support network composed of key people to launch a business with an increased potential for success. 


  • Introduction: the Social & Cultural Impact of Fashion:

-     Successful stories & Unsuccessful stories / Rules for starting out.

  • From the idea to Success:

-    More than an idea, the complete package/ Developing your brand;

-    Your offer and your customer / Market & Competitor Analysis / The Differentiator.

  • Production & Distribution Channels (Online vs. Offline).
  • Business Plan:

-    Implementation / Problem-Solving;

-    Revenue Model;

  • Start-up!
  • Marketing & PR:

-    Communication Strategies / How to be known / How to form a trend.

  • Network & Pitch.

Duration: 7 sessions in 7 weeks, POSTPONED until further notice. Stay safe! See You Soon! 

A project supported by Banca Transilvania, the bank of enterprising people, who encourage the Romanian entrepreneurship. 

Note: All course materials are written in English and Romanian, however the teaching will be done in Romanian.

€ 402


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