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Body milk with carrot oil

Pell Amar

Body milk with carrot oil

Through the fluid formula, without paraffin, Organic Spa body milk quickly moisturizes the skin, without loading it, leaving a feeling of softness. Carrot oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter rich in vitamins and supplemented with Vitamin E have strong properties that protect the skin against exposure to extreme environmental factors and free radicals. The therapeutic mud extract emphasizes the anti-wrinkle effect of the active ingredients, providing the cell with the energy needed for regeneration.

BITTER SKIN EXTRACT - a natural source of energy for the skin - helps maintain skin functions subject to various daily stressors. The appearance of the skin improves visibly, acquires firmness and elasticity.

CARROT OIL - skin revitalization, slowing down the appearance of wrinkles, vitaminization, toning, soothing, healing, hydration, antioxidant, reducing the effect of UV radiation.

Composition: beta carotene (precursor of vitamin A), vitamins E and F, mineral salts, trace elements, glucose, sucrose, pectins.

No parabens. No paraffin. With therapeutic mud. With active ingredients of natural origin. Dermatologically tested.

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  • Miscellaneous: 200 ml; Storage conditions: 5 - 25 ° C; Use: It is applied daily, after the bath, on the body surface, by light massage until complete absorption.
Product Code: PAR0002_EN | Deliverability: 5 working days
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