Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers
Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers

Lady Magpie

A selection of accessories for men and women created by Romanian designers for different occasions. In this category you will find fascinators, jewelry, scarves, bags, harnesses, belts, pocket sqares and hats.

Like a genuine magpie, Nadire Omer, the designer behind Lady Magpie, picks all sorts of objects, new or old, metallic parts, stones, and textile fabrics transforming them in delicate jewelry pieces. Her natural lifestyle is very well reflected in her creations, thus, the fabrics she uses are natural, mostly untreated, and, whenever possible, animal friendly.

Japanese dream collection

The idea behind the Japanese dream collection started from a piece of vintage kimono silk, describing hills in bloom. It has been accompanied by other vintage japanese materials, traced from small stocks of private sellers: hand blown glass, in different forms and colors and white porcelain beads. Hand made tassels and cords complete the collection, adding a silky touch line to the cool texture of glass and porcelain.