Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers
Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers

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Molecule F - proudly powered by Romanian designers

Different by choice. Unique by selection. Driven by authenticity.

If you would concentrate your whole personality in a tiny capsule, if you would reduce yourself to the smallest dimensions conceivable, the result would be a stable composition to perfectly represent you. In this capsule, all your characteristics would be retrieved, and one of them would certainly be style. It's a part of you, the way you express yourself on a first-contact basis. The image you project towards the rest of the world is the result of style.

Likewise, if you would concentrate the entire Romanian fashion inside a capsule, you would have as a result Molecule F, a small, but refined part of the Romanian design. It's about those key-pieces you desire, around which you can "build" cool and adjustable outfits, to integrate them in your daily style, but also, about glam pieces that make you distinguished.

Molecule F is a unique project in Romania, a concept meant to gather in one place the visions of those who have proven in time the quality of their design. The project rejoins, in a carefully-selected mixture, names such as Adelina Ivan, Ana Alexe, Alexandra Abraham, Andra Clitan (MaRaMi), Andreea Tincu, Argo Art Design by Andreea Buga, Bridalissima by Rhea Costa, Claudia Castrase, Corina Vladescu, Elena Perseil, Le Petit IndigentLena Criveanu, M12, Murmur, Parlor, Raluca Mihalceanu, Razvan Ciobanu, Rhea Costa, Sandra Galan, Hand Made My love, Kristina Dragomir, Liana Salagean, Maria FilipescuMaria Marinescu, Skin Deep and Venera Arapu. These are designers whose collections shouldn't lack in the wardrobe of any person who is aware of the image contribution the style represents.

Each object can be a style statement and a molecule of the creative universe of the designer who thought of it, and addresses to the people who want to differentiate themselves in a uniformed quotidian through an unique apparition. That's why the selection we are displaying is a rigorous one and consists of unique products of limited edition ones. An important part of the exposed products is conceived exclusively for Molecule F, so that you can have the advantage of oneness, one click away.

Also, Molecule F is a space where you can meet and get to know the designers, where you can develop an affective liaison with the one who represents your personal style better. And, eventually, Molecule F is a concept that encourages the Romanian fashion, in the same time, desiring to turn the gesture of wearing designer clothing into a natural act, and also a reason to be proud.

Since September 2015, a new category has been created on Molecule F - Kids. The first designer to be present in this category is Venera Arapu Kids with the collection dedicated to Girls 2-8 years old and 9-16 years old.

The Lifestyle category is also expanding and since September 2015 as the Perfumes subcategory is available along with Notebooks, Postcards, Ceramics, Lamps, Furniture and Porcelain subcategories. The first brand present in this subcategory is Your Persnonal Aroma - a new luxury 100% organic perfume concept.

Exclusively for Molecule F:

Capsule collections created by Lucian Broscatean, Ciprian Vrabie, Keszeg Agnes, Ioana Enache and Lady Magpie in the Molecule F spirit, exclusively for the website's customers.

 You can also buy our dedicated Molecule F Tee - Proudly wearing Romanian Designers by Molecule F



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