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The perpetual journal

The perpetual journal is a notebook that begins on January 1 and ends on December 31.

Each page of the journal is dedicated to a calendar day.

On each page there is a question that the owner of the journal has the opportunity to answer every year, in a limited space.

For each month of the year Noemi Meilman created a representative collage.

The journal has two collage covers, double-sided.

Those who prefer the more practical side, can use this as an agenda (you will have to ignore the years marked with "20- -" (eg: 20-21, 20-22, etc.) and complete the type lines dictation.

The journal can also be used for the shopping list or to keep track of expenses or simply for various notes.

You can easily detach any page you want, that's why we chose the spring version.

This journal - questions and collages - was created between July and November 2020 and Noemi will always remember this good companion during this cchallenging period.

We usually address "Dear Journal." This time the diary asks the questions and Noemi invites you to answer in what year you want, on what day you remember to write something. It's an exercise in time, sometimes funny, sometimes tender, sometimes slightly cliché or full of anticipation.

The journal does not ask questions about the pandemic period, because many answers will already do so.

Life goes on. It is important to take care of ourselves and our loved ones in these surreal times.

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