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Speed Up Your Business

Speed Up Your Business

Speed Up Your Business

Speed ​​Up Your Business is the newest BICI module signed by Mirela Bucovicean. It represents the solution for small and medium entrepreneurs to take their current business to the next level and for future entrepreneurs to launch a fair and consistent business.

Regardless of the domain, every business is different, but the steps to success are the same. Speed ​​Up Your Business is exclusively supported by Mirela Bucovicean, founder of, Molecule F Concept Store, Molecule PR and Business Institute for Creative Industries.

Business Institute for Creative Industries (BICI) is a professional development platform for young entrepreneurs in the creative industries.

Topics covered:

Identifying the elements that lead to success and how to avoid failure.

You have an idea, how you put it into practice.

How to become a leader in your industry.

Building a strong business.

Be a leader, not a follower:

- How to anticipate the future?

- Consumer trends and their results.

- How to adapt and form a team?

How to invent yourself and especially, reinvent:

- Personal brand construction and business brand.

- If they know you and they like you, they will buy from you. How do you do that?

- Why should I buy from you? How do we determine what is our differentiator?

Marketing strategy:

- What do you sell, to whom, where and how?

- Market analysis, the foundation of any business.

- How do you build the right selling price?

- Distribution channels, sales methods, trends.

- Pro vs cons online vs offline.

- The client: before we told them what to buy, today they tell us what to offer.  

"Tell me a story, I wanna cry" or how the shortest point between the demand and the offer is the emotion.

Where do we communicate and how?

How do they appear in the magazine?

A full royal hand.  

Workshop: we work together with every idea or business to identify problems and find solutions.

A project supported by Banca Transilvania, the bank of entrepreneurial people that encourages Romanian entrepreneurship.

The course materials and its structure are English. The teaching will be in Romanian.

€ 417


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