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Description: Speculo is a wall decorative item, that embodies mirrors. The name of this item derives from latin 'speculum meaning mirror . Speculo was developed to complement the design of an interior already decorated with Simplexio AsyFeria items. This ingenious decorative element, was created to attract and keep attention. The organic shape and asymmetry, combined with the functionality of a mirror created the illusion of a natural gateway to another enigmatic and mysterious dimension. Speculo can be designed with LED installation on demand, for ambiental lighting, enriching the mesmerizing element of the object. Collection: AsyFeria Weight: 50 kilos.

Regular Price: € 1,000

Special Price € 806


  • Composition: metal /mirror Color: The color of the metallic body is at your chosing No of mirror cells: from one and up to 5 mirror cells The price varies depending on size and shape
  • Care: clean with specialized cleaning products for metal
  • Miscellaneous: The metal body can have any color.Number of mirror cells: 1-5. The price may vary depending on size and shape.
Product Code: SIM005-EN | Deliverability: Between 2 and 4 weeks
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