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Silk Elixir Anti-Aging Cream by Romanita Iovan


Silk Elixir Anti-Aging Cream by Romanita Iovan

Silk Elixir Anti-Aging Cream Infinitum by Romanita Iovan, has a creamy texture, ideal for maintaining optimal hydration for all skin types, leaving the skin light and silky.

Results will be visible after 4 weeks of daily use. With a multitude of active ingredients, such as Hydrolyzed Silk and Silk, Low Molecular Mass Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid (20-50 KDa), High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid (1-1.4 MDa) Encapsulated, AcetylOctapeptide-3 Biomimetic Peptide and Extracted Spheres Lemon and Cucumber Extract, the product improves the hydrolipidic barrier and the skin texture will be visibly improved, the skin becoming silky and firm.

The product gives firmness and luminosity to the skin, improves the roughness of the skin and gives a smooth appearance to the skin and fades fine and deep wrinkles.

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  • Miscellaneous: it is recommended during the day and night, prevents and attenuates the formation of deep facial wrinkles, frontal wrinkles and periorbital area; direct eye contact is avoided
Product Code: INF06_EN | Deliverability: 5 working days
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