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Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers


Rochii, bluze, fuste, pantaloni si multe alte produse cu reduceri de pana la 50%. Acestea se gasesc in diferite culori precum: negru, alb, nude, dar si foarte colorate, si in diferite texturi, de la bumbac sau poliester, pana la dantela si paiete.

In 2013 Madalina Dobre and Andreea Parvan sketched Framboise, a young brand defined by two well-structured concepts: premium natural fabrics and impeccable tailoring. The clothes are exclusively designed in Romania using fine fabrics imported from countries like Italy, Egypt and Japan.

Framboise style is characterized by attention to details, dedication to natural fabrics and impeccable finishes. We are convinced that one item can join the personality of the individual who wears it, and we want to create versatile items, easy to wear, which tell stories about fashion and emphasize every woman’s style.


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