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Ana Alexe

Rochii, bluze, fuste, pantaloni si multe alte produse cu reduceri de pana la 50%. Acestea se gasesc in diferite culori precum: negru, alb, nude, dar si foarte colorate, si in diferite texturi, de la bumbac sau poliester, pana la dantela si paiete.

When you see her collections and hear her speak about the laborious process of creation, you have the feeling you just met a contemporary alchemist. Designer Ana Alexe nonchalantly pushes fashion in a realm where bits of mystic exuberance, some meticulous researcher’s accuracy and the defiance of the artist clash together. Each piece she makes is lined with mysterious stories, fragile beliefs that often contradict the boldness of the exterior. In the sophisticated silhouette that Ana Alexe proposes, the preconceived notions of beauty, femininity or vulnerability are ironically undermined, subversively challenged then set again on the pedestal in front of a connoisseur public.

ana alexe

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