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Lena Criveanu

Women wear or lifestyle products on sale.

Although her first specialization was in Economics, Lena followed her heart and dreams and completed a fashion degree at University of Arts in Bucharest. In April 2006 she presented the first collection under “Lena Criveanu” label within a sumptuous UNICEF gala.  

From her first collection Lena demonstrated how the handcraft technology of the Romanian traditional folkloric costumes, both from men and women, together with various elements of the folkloric Art can be reinterpreted and included to a modern romantic aesthetic. She loves the painted and printed elements which became an attribute of her collections. From a butterfly, a rose, a magnolia tree, a water-mill who can be also a perfect circular bunch of sunrays to dragon-flies composing the arms of a cross or half brighten human face, nobody else than Brancusi’s Madam Poganny, elements who inspired Lena. At the same time, although she pays attention to the technical details she takes a conceptual approach to fashion.


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