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Pas Du Tout

In this category you can find the products on sale from different designers. Dresses, tops, pants, but also accessories and furniture, they are all reduced significantly from the initial price, with even 50% off. The items selected in this category are changing constantly because of our frequent promotions.

Pas Du Tout is the English equivalent of "Not At All", words that bring together a relaxed and nonchalant philosophy of one the newest fashion brands in Romania. An avant-garde design, architectural cuts, minimalist lines and an incredible variety of textures and materials are combined with feminine sensuality translated into diaphanous textures, second skin patterns, but highly structured, allowing a full expression of the female body. With a dark chic touch, sophisticated, cool without being aggressive, you will not simply wear these clothes. They will take you away and tell your story.

Madalina Dorobantu created the brand that she always wanted to wear. Pas Du Tout was born out of and for imagination, but also with the desire to make it tangible and wearable.


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