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Hand Made My Love

Men`s wear: shirts, T-shirts and pants created by Romanian designers on sale.

Handmademylove – ruffle lovestory aka Rodica Plopeanu (graduate of UNA Bucharest, fashion design, 2007), Ioana Budes (graduate of UNA Bucharest, ceramics, 2003) and Deak Boldizsar (graduate of Art University Iasi, painting, 2003). Handmademylove was born in 2009. Together we want to create a intimate, delicate and original world where objects have life and personality, a world of elegance and refinement.

The furniture objects are designed by Boldi either the whole object or some parts are "recovered", restored and integrated into the story with frills atmosphere. Most are unique and can not be reproduced. Ceramic objects are created by Ioana using specific techniques for the used materials (white clay, earthenware and porcelain). Each piece is an original creation with the artist signatures.


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