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Païsi, the most fashionable fur brand in Romania, creates fur coats and accessories after the latest trends, using high-quality fabrics and advanced cuts. Païsi’s story begun decades ago, combining tradition and modern looks to inspire powerful stylish women.

The 2015/2016 Fall-Winter Joy Collection includes over 50 pieces, under a concept that celebrates the joy of women being themselves and expressing through what they wear. This year’s collection comes with a special surprise: a new bag accessory, Païsi Bag Bug.

Revealing creative cuts and voluminous designs, the collection illustrates the latest trends in fascinating colors and dynamic textures. Fashion lovers will discover a diverse array of fur articles, that will capture everyone’s attention through elegance and style: long coats, jackets, vests and ponchos, as well as collars, capes and scarves in multiple textures and colors. The collection gathers a unique mix of high-quality natural furs: fox, mink, pony, goat and swakara, carefully crafted and combined with surprising refined fabrics: lace, wool or silk.


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