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Oily skin is not a sin pack


Oily skin is not a sin pack

A selection of natural cosmetics specially designed for the benefit of oily skin types.

It contains a hydrating day cream, a nourishing night cream, one face tonic with floral waters and a deep cleansing lotion.

Product details:

Blossom fairy - a hydrating day cream that provides firming, illuminates and rejuvenates the skin. This light moisturizer is quickly absorbed into the skin and doesn’t clog pores. The orange blossom and lavender floral waters provide suppleness and firmness. Neroli, sweet orange and laurel essential oils help to gently regulate sebum productions, without drying the skin.The formula is made complete by rice bran oil, rich in gamma-oryzanol, vitamin E, phytosterols and ferulic acid, a powerful anti-oxidant that regenerates and fights skin ageing, leaving it supple and radiant.

Sleeping beauty 50ml – hydrating and nourishing, helps protect and regenerate all types of oily skin.With oat oil rich in ceramides and phytosterols having a moisturizing anti-age effect, nourishing avocado butter (also rich in phytosterols) and the soothing feel of sweet almond oil, renowned for being well tolerated by all skin types. To complete the list of benefits, we added just the right amount of witch hazel water and lavender water, for a tonic, astringent and purifying effect.

Tonic floral water 100ml for oily skin - hydrating, refreshing, soothing and nourishing. A natural mix exclusively made from 100% organic floral waters that are ideal for oily skin: neroli, hamamelis, litsea, laurel and myrtle. Floral waters, also known as hydrolates, are rich in water soluble volatile substances obtained during the distillation process of skin beneficial plants and flowers. They are perfect for sensitive skin, as they are mild but still full of active ingredients. Spray them on clean skin (body or face) and hair, for a sensual experience like no other product. They are the perfect summer alternative for day creams or lotions.

Lavlait 100ml – deep cleansing lotion, with rice bran oil and lavender essential oil. A deep capacity for cleaning or removing even the most difficult make up (waterproof mascara) while protecting the skin from drying and irritation. (it doesn’t contain surfactants or chemicals as most cleansers and make-up removals do).To be used every night before bed, or as skin preparation before applying heavy make-up.

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  • Care: Keep away from direct sun, in a cool and dry place, between 5-25 Celsius. Valability: 3 months for moisturizers and cleansing lotion, 6 months for the tonic floral water.
  • Miscellaneous: apply creams daily in a thin layer, on clean and dry skin. Apply before make-up (can be used as a base for make-up). Order of use for face products: Day –tonic water, day cream; Night – Lavlait cleanser, tonic water, night cream.
Product Code: PAN09-EN | Deliverability: 3 working days
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