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O. Sole Mio! Tee

The Stories of O.

O. Sole Mio! Tee

Ovidiu loves enormously to travel , so the idea of ​​this collection appeared naturally . O. Sole Mio! is Ovidiu's tribute to Italy, which he loves with all his soul for its unmistakable style, prosecco, Michelangelo, Bolognese pasta, the afternoon spent in Burano, the beaches of Sardinia and the enchanting Cinque Terre. For the incredible Rome, the gelato, the Biennale of Venice, seafood, Ferrari, Antonioni's films, and those of Fellini, La Grande Bellezza and the Amalfi that he still dreams about.

Size & Fit

€ 63


  • Composition: 100% cotton.
  • Care: Dry cleaning.
Product Code: TSO016-EN | Deliverability: 10 working days
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