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O. Sa Fie Bine! Tee

The Stories of O.

O. Sa Fie Bine! Tee

Organic, white, unisex cotton t-shirt printed with the text "O. Sa Fie Bine!" (It's going to be alright) It is the message of hope that we transmit to all those who are currently in delicate situations due to the COVID-19 virus but also to be with those who are in the front line in the fight with this pandemic. Therefore, for any shirt ordered, we will produce a second shirt for free, with the message "O. Sa Fie Bine!" we will donate to a volunteer, as a gesture of gratitude for his involvement. The inspiration for this campaign comes from Italy, where the message Andra Tutto Bene - It will be all right is displayed in the colors of the rainbow on the windows of the cities of the peninsula as an encouraging message for all those trying.

Size & Fit

€ 38


  • Composition: 100% organic cotton
  • Care: Professional cleaning
Product Code: TSO029-EN | Deliverability: 5-7 working days
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