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North Star Earrings


North Star Earrings

North Star earrings are part of the newest collection signed Moogu - Tales of Moogu: Chapter One: Tale of thounsand stars that includes unique pieces through the attention and love with which they were designed, created and made.

North Star earrings are small representations of the North Star and are made of 14K gold, and their shape was made by cutting the gold plate. One of the earrings has a longer chain, just to enhance the image of timelessness and magic, also to both of the pieces are attached locking mechanisms.

The jewelry is produced in Romania and is handmade with love and attention, in the MOOGU® studio. Because they are handmade, there may be differences in shape, size or color between the product presented and the finished product ordered.

€ 406


  • Composition: 14K gold; weight approx 3 g; dimension long earring approx. 10 cm, short earring approx. 6 cm
  • Care: keep in the original packaging
  • Fastening: by gripping
Product Code: MG142-EN | Deliverability: 3-4 working days
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