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Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers
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Mood Bracelet “BADASS” - black

Flash Jewels

Mood Bracelet “BADASS” - black

Our new bracelets are created especially for you and use native messages that express your mood or attitude. Show your personality by choosing the right message: Be YOU!

Mixing fashion trends by selecting the design of these bracelets with its message, we gave birth to a jewelry that not only looks great, but says much more about yourself. It's up to you to choose the right message. Our indigenous proverbs and sayings are chosen in order to reach the whole range of moods and feelings of each ... the chick in love, to the bold, independent, outraged, dreamy, grateful and not only…

Choose the right statement to represent you!

€ 33


  • Composition: Stainless steel plated in 18karate gold, rose gold or 925 silver.
  • Care: Swipe clean with a soft tissue. Avoid frequent contact with water but mostly with strong chemical substances like bleach, parfume etc. Keep the bracelet in her own bag.
Product Code: FJ037-EN | Deliverability: 3 days.
Different by choice. Unique by selection. Driven by authenticity.