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Lumena is a wall or ceiling lighting assembly. The name of this item derives from latin lumena , meaning light. The fluidity, the grace and elegance of curbs attained from the development prdegreesess, combining digital Fabrication and thermoforming, an operation in which the plastic Fabric is in liberty of taking an organic shape. The cells that compose the assembly are symmetrical on all three sides, leaving the overall shape unity primordial and genuine. An assembly of this kind can start from a few cells and reach the whole surface in which is installed. Collection: AsyFeria Weight: 25 kilos (informative).

Regular Price: € 889

Special Price € 747


  • Composition: metal /plastic Fabric/ LED
  • Care: clean with specialized cleaning products for metal, degreasing products for plastic
  • Miscellaneous: The metal body can have any color. Number of cells: 1-n. The price is calculated for 7 cells body.
Product Code: SIM004-EN | Deliverability: Between 2 and 4 weeks
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