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Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers

Crina Bulprich

A selection of lifestyle products created by Romanian designers. In this category you can find notebooks, parfumes, porcelain, furniture or lamps. Among the designers you can find Simplexio, Your Personal Aroma and Carnet de vise si visuri.

Based on "less is more" esthetic mantra, Crina Bulprich sets out to create a clean silhouette defined by straight lines and refined chromatics and a sharp look as a result of perfect volumes. The two main pillars of the brand are quality and functionality of the products. 

About Cub Collection 

Cub Collection was developed based on childhood personal experiences linked to the fabrics made manually in reference to Carl Andre artist, with his breakthrough "humble materials" sculpture concept. Materials such as: metals (copper, aluminum), wool, leather, are manufactured after rigorous mathematical formulas. Beyond the esthetics of a straight simple lined silhouette, the focus falls on to the functionality of clothing.