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Libro is a wall decorative assembly designed with the functionality of a book shelf as well as ambient lighting installation. The name of the item derives from latin liber, libri meaning book . Libro is based on the structure of a natural development of fungus colonies. At the same time, the design pattern can be compared with the way the surface layer of iron, exfoliates under the influence of rust. The design was developed in order to resemble as accurately as possible with a natural structure, giving the impression that it is on the verge of erupting from the wall in order to provide you with book storage, without any similarities with a classic book stand. The asymmetry of the design provides the object with an ever evolving effect. The item speaks about decomposition (a shape that unfolds) as well as composition (air sacs allow books to gather). This book stand can be designed with a Led installment for ambiental lighting, on demand, creating once more, the spectacular wall eruption effect. The Libro version from the images below was especially designed for one of our clients and an identical replica can not be repetead, instead, customized versions will be created for each and every customer. Collection: AsyFeria Weight: 100 kilos.

€ 2,221


  • Composition: iron / Led installment
  • Care: clean with specialized cleaning products for iron
  • Miscellaneous: Color: shade of grey obtained by varnishing transparent iron. It is not painted. Weight: 100 kg. Number of useful spaces: 16 (where books can be palced). Price varies depending on size.
Product Code: SIM003-EN | Deliverability: Between 2 and 4 weeks
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