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Le Magicien Du Jour Handkerchief


Le Magicien Du Jour Handkerchief

In daylight, magic becomes the unique art only a connoisseur truly masters. Real talent counts more than ever, and appreciation is already a routine. Your style is memorable because you turn each day into an unrepeatable magic trick. Chapeau!

Characteristics: 100% premium silk pocket handkerchief, natural fabrics, high quality execution and finishes. The digital print on the silk handkerchief is inspired by Hamid Nicola Katrib’s surrealist paintings.

Silk pocket dimensions: 30 x 30 cm

The silk pocket handkerchief comes in an elegant golden brown case. If it’s a gift for a special person in your life, the silk handkerchief is an ideal choice. We can customize the handkerchief for you by applying the requested monogram via embroidery. You can trust this is a truly memorable gift for him, because when pocket handkerchief defines a man’s style and personality, the magic happens: the fine silk detail becomes a part of man’s identity.


Size & Fit

Regular Price: € 50

Special Price € 40


  • Composition: 100% natural silk
  • Care: Dry clean.
Product Code: EF019-EN | Deliverability: 2 working days
Different by choice. Unique by selection. Driven by authenticity.