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La Loi de l’Attraction Scarf


La Loi de l’Attraction Scarf

Have trust in Universe, it’s always by your side. You can become who you want to be. Intuition will always show you the right path and will push you to follow your dream. Wear a silk scarf which has the power of a magnet – it attracts memorable experiences in your life! 

Silk scarf dimensions: 110 x110 cm

The silk scarf comes in an elegant light blue case. If it’s a gift for someone special, the silk scarf is an ideal choice. We can customize the scarf for you by applying the requested monogram via embroidery.You can trust this is a truly special gift, because when the silk scarf defines a woman’s style and personality, the magic happens: the fine silk accessory becomes a part of woman’s identity.

Size & Fit

Regular Price: € 120

Special Price € 96


  • Composition: 100% natural silk
  • Care: Dry clean.
Product Code: EF024-EN | Deliverability: 2 working days
Different by choice. Unique by selection. Driven by authenticity.