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Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers


…Everyone has heard of Transylvania. It’s that place where Count Dracula terrorized villages from his epic hillside castle, where witches predicted the early deaths of several locals, where ghosts haunted people over property disputes and where curses did strange things to area livestock.

…Ever since the ancient times of the Dacians, Transylvania has been a place where the forces of darkness and light have co-existed together with the people of the land. In order to survive, people have had to learn how to keep the positive forces close and the evil ones at bay.

…This wisdom, that goes back millennia, has been transmitted to us through old stories passed on from father to son and through a range of magical symbols with special protective powers.

…We have taken these symbols and turned them into a modern and beautifully crafted charm jewelry line. True to the tradition and the mystery of Transylvania, all our pieces are unique.