Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers
Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers


Smart casual dresses created by Romanian designers using different fabrics: cotton, silk, polyester. The colors are various, for example blue, violet, white, black, red, pink but you can also find multicolor textiles and digital prints. Among the designers you can find Carmina Cimpoeru, Razvan Ciobanu, Corina Vladescu.
NISSA started as a desire to answer a well-known question all women have in mind: what should I wear today? The small family business started in 1993 with the purpose of making every woman happy, no matter the cost. It all began with a dream: a little girl who used to try on her mother’s shoes, who later developed a passion for fashion, designers and catwalks. She started her career in the fashion industry, as a model, learning the tricks of the trade. Experienced and ready for the next step, she began to create an exclusive brand, alongside her sister and mother. Nowadays, the idea has turned into a resounding success, as passion for the feminine universe with refinement and elegance has met new levels, step by step, from woman to woman. Each year, the brand is present at tradeshows held in the fashion capitals of the world - New York, London, Moscow, Paris and Milan.

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