Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers
Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers


Day time dresses created by Romanian designers using different fabrics: silk, cotton, polyester, organza, lace and poplin. The colors are various, for example white,blue, violet, black, red, pink, and you can also find digital prints. Among the designers you can find Pulse, Claudia Castrase and Ioana Ciolacu.

MunuDoi is a duo: Oana Peperigeanu si Rodica Golban, that have created a concept which is evolving constantly, based on a similar, but at the same time, complementary vision on fashion.

MUnuDoi offers their client a comercial unconventionality, unique products or in limited edition, products that are meant to set the client free from conventional cliches and stereotypical monotony.


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