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Claudia Castrase

Cocktail casual dresses created by Romanian designers using different fabrics: cotton, silk, polyester,leather, lace. The colors are various, for example red, blue, white, black, nude, pink but you can also find multicolor textiles and digital prints. Among the designers you can find Manokhi, Ma Ra Mi, Raquette, Adelina Ivan and Lena Criveanu.

Claudia's clothing creations were especially noticed by the unity, by concept and maturity of the collections over time. The flawless execution of the clothes comes to complete the carefully studied concept. Claudia creates with each collection a clot story which is based on rigorous documentation, very important for the designer in the ecuation of every single collection. The well defined line of each of the collections made possible to talk about an own style of the designer, the brand Claudia Castrase, recognized in each of the garments created. Claudia Castrase experience with each collection new themes, without affecting her style, based on a simple concept, minimal and very wearable.

Since the first collection, considered as the debut of the year in Romania to participation in prestigious international fashion fairs and festivals, such as Europe Future Fashion (Split, Croatia), Claudia continued to surprise, to innovate, to build an original itinerary based on her inspiration.


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