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Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers


Cocktail casual dresses created by Romanian designers using different fabrics: cotton, silk, polyester,leather, lace. The colors are various, for example red, blue, white, black, nude, pink but you can also find multicolor textiles and digital prints. Among the designers you can find Manokhi, Ma Ra Mi, Raquette, Adelina Ivan and Lena Criveanu.

Philosophy - Aureliana is a fashion designer brand which creates fantastical fashion for modern-day heroines who need a wardrobe that enchants and empowers. We design not only clothes, but fantasies for our modern woman - her style is ethereal, yet strong, her other-worldly outfits and unique beauty can light up even the darkest room. Aureliana draws its inspiration from a mixture of literature, arts and fashion to create items that are both opulent and escapist, and bound to take you on a faraway land where all your fashion fantasies will come true. Because Aureliana turns your fashion dreams into reality..

Creative direction - Our designer and founder, Alexandra Toie-Ioniță, began her career in fashion journalism. During the years spent working as a fashion editor for a famous Romanian glossy magazine she explored her dreams and fantasies through her fashion editorials. With Aureliana, the next natural step in Alexandra’s career, she wants to extend the same vision into fashion design. Romantic clothes that allow you to dream and to fall under the spell of Aureliana's universe.


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