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Cruiser Hat

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Cruiser Hat

You should not leave Cruiser at home during long spring or summer strolls. It is versatile and appropriate for bicycle rides, boat rides, walking in the park or other open-air events. The ribbon matches the colour of the straw and holds the feather. For a customised order, the delivery takes up to 10-14 working days.

Size & Fit

€ 88


  • Composition: natural straw
  • Care: Store the hat in a box or cabinet away from humidity and dust. Set the hat upside down to dry naturally on a flat surface. If the sweatband or even the main body of the hat is stained, use a damp cloth heated on the iron.
  • Miscellaneous: The hat can be custom made from natural or black straw, with different ribbon and feather.
Product Code: DCH004-EN | Deliverability: 10-14 working days
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