Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers
Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers


A selection of oriental style items created by Romanian designers. You can find clothes made of precious materials like silk, lace or embroidery, with exquisite prints or cuts. Among the designers you can find Parlor, Ma Ra Mi, Elena Perseil and Maria Filipescu

weRomania was born from the passion for travel around the world. Like little explorers (drawn from the world of Antoine de Saint-Exupery) conquering new territories, cultures and people totally different to the Balkans, from Romania, we learned to value our uniqueness as a nation, tradition and values. Returning to the roots strengthened our hope that, like other nations, we, Romanians, are more than ever determined to reveal to the world, to preserve and carry forward the Romanian traditional values. Our tradition is the inspiration of all that surrounds us, is a beauty, and we want to make known outside the borders, to other nations and cultures. Romanians are happy to live in the midst of family, friends, having a desire for collective memberships. This is why "weR", marking suggestive Romanian people and culture. weRomania brand was inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of Romanian traditional motifs with a history of over 100 years after the first public appearance on the international scene. Wanting to bring them back to life, we have added modern patterns, so combining the two periods and creating the joy of wearing something authentic, but in step with the latest trends.

Our accessories are both into the world of fashion and into the gadgets. Thus, weRomania manages to blend Romanian traditions with high quality materials in the form of accessories that are perfectly suited to contemporary needs.


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