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Cashmere Buttoned Shawl Lavanda

Ami Amalia

Cashmere Buttoned Shawl Lavanda

Premium Italian “viola” cashmere shawl with 3 buttons Premium Italian red cashmere in a versatile and stylish item that will allow you to enjoy this luxury yarn more than in a sweater. A generous size shawl that can be used all throughout  the year

All about cashmere


Once you receive your Cashmere Cuddle, use your Ami Amalia cashmere care tools:


We provide every cashmere cuddle with a dust bag made from cotton, ideal for storing your jumper while traveling, or when you want to keep your jumper in your handbag. Storing your jumper close to make up, pens or sharp objects is unnecessary.


Each of our cashmere cuddles come with an Ami Amalia cedar wood cashmere comb, providing a tool to help you with the natural pilling that will occur in time, but at the same time also serving as an anti-moth tool.


For how to wear it, here are a few tips that work for us:


Do not allow perfume to get in direct contact with your jumper, as it may stain it.


Let it rest after each wear, give the fiber time to relax, to return to its initial shape.


Wearing the same cashmere jumpers few days in a row is not recommended.


Let it air. While cashmere loves water and washing it will make it softer and softer, I personally try to avoid unnecessary washing, as I like the initial look of the fiber. Hanging the jumper on the balcony, terrace (not in direct sunlight) is an easy way of refreshing your garment. 


If it has creases, a garment steamer is a perfect tool to give your cashmere jumper an impeccable look.


Stains have to be worked out locally. Depending of what caused the stains, there are various ways of taking care of it, some will disappear with just a bit of tepid water (please do not use hot water on a cashmere jumper, or it will felt), other may need a stain removing solution. Gale soap is a great, natural tool for removing stains, we usually use a small quantity of liquid or solid gale soap directly on the stain, lather it in, let it work for few minutes, rinse, and repeat until the stain is gone. Washing and letting the jumper dry without the stain being removed it will seal the stain in the fiber. Dry cleaning is also a good stain removing alternative. Do not store your jumpers with stains on them. 


Size & Fit

€ 293


  • Composition: 100% Cashmir
  • Care: We recommend dry cleaning, or a careful, quick wash in tepid water with a detergent for silk & wool clothes, like Ecover Delicates. Refresh with a garment steamer when needed.
Product Code: AMI12-EN | Deliverability: 5 days.
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