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Beauty queen pack


Beauty queen pack

You can act like a queen without any royal blood in the family. No castles needed to receive this Beauty queen pack, a truly royal natural skincare combo. Fresh cosmetics without any nasties or fillers, just active natural ingredients that will pamper even the most sensitive skin.

The package contains two face creams (for day&night), one anti-age serum and a deep cleansing lotion.

Product details:

Forever young 50ml is a hydrating, anti-age day cream, with argan & sesame oil, squalane, rose floral water and rosehip seed oil.It is fast absorbed into the skin, leaving a light glow. Also a great make-up base. The argan and sesame oils protect the skin from dehydration and external factors. Squalane obtained from olive oil completes the natural lipid profile of the skin and provides an extra emollient effect.

Queen of the night 50ml – nurturing and ultra-emollient night cream. Made from a synergic combination of four tropical vegetable butters (murumuru, kokum, tucuma, avocado), sea buckthorn seed oil rich in antioxidants and soothing mountain arnica oil. The lush exotic profile of this cream is marked by jasmine floral water, with refreshing and energizing properties, combined with the calming effect of European linded floral water. A true royal treatment for even the most sensitive skin.

Anti-age serum 10ml – a very powerful mix of precious natural oils, helping to hydrate and nourish the skin profusely, while boosting cell regeneration. Contains rosehip seed oil, green-tea seed oil, rice bran oil, squalane, cucumber seed oil, borago and pomegranate seed oils. For easy application to the eye area, we chose a glass ball roll-on cap.

Lavlait 100ml – deep cleansing lotion, with rice bran oil and lavender essential oil. A deep capacity for cleaning or removing even the most difficult make up (waterproof mascara) while protecting the skin from drying and irritation. (it doesn’t contain surfactants and harsh chemicals as most cleansers and make-up removals do). To be used every night before bed, or as skin preparation before applying heavy make-up.

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  • Care: Keep away from direct sun, in a cool and dry place, between 5-25 Celsius. Valability 3 months for moisturizers 6 months for the serum.
  • Miscellaneous: Apply creams daily in a thin layer, on clean and dry skin. Apply before make-up (can be used as a base for make-up). Day –day cream and serum (optional) Night – Lavlait cleanser, night cream, serum.
Product Code: PAN06-EN | Deliverability: 3 working days
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