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Proudly Powered by Romanian Designers

Smiles Bags

A selection of accessories for men created by Romanian designers where you can find: jewelry, belts, scarves, bow ties and cufflinks. Among the designers you can find Efemere, Smiles Bags, Liana Salagean and Moogu.

I created a bag, that will be trully yours!

Gaspar Chilingarov is the designer of Smiles Bags, the brand that challenges you to exit the fast fashion circle and to define your own style. “I enjoy beauty around us especially the beauty of natural leather, with all its marks, scratches and irregularities. Things should ‘just work’, without you giving them a second thought. They should feel cozy, comfortable and ‘just right’. I created a bag that will be truly yours - your long-term companion and your personal trademark. ” says Gaspar. Graduate of the State Engineering University of Yerevan, Armenia, Gaspar was always caught between a technical and abstract world. He expressed his creativity through paintings and photography, his work can be found at the exhibition “My inner world” in Yerevan.

Smiles Bags is the balance found between his technical and his creative side, the articles represent a interference of the two worlds.