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Liana Salagean

A selection of accessories for men created by Romanian designers where you can find: jewelry, belts, scarves, bow ties and cufflinks. Among the designers you can find Efemere, Smiles Bags, Liana Salagean and Moogu.

Liana Salagean graduated "Romul Ladea" Arts Highschool, then she graduated  the University of Art and Design, the Design Section, both from Cluj Napoca. Over the years she expressed in various artistic fields, modes and techniques...from easel painting to icons painted on wood and naive painting, sculpture, ceramics and ending with the design. During this time she was followed by the desire to make jewelry and wanting to translate her ideas into forms from metal and unconventional materials. In this attempt, which has  totally captivated her, leaving everything else hanging, she tried and succeeded to create original jewelry, which transpose  a part of her personality. Her story transposed into metal jewelry, which are not reflecting the ultimate  fashion trends, but her "trends" and "feelings". 

"I think about my creations that they are liked from the first sight or at all." - Liana Salagean


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