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Marie Nouvelle

A selection of accessories for men and women created by Romanian designers for different occasions. In this category you will find fascinators, jewelry, scarves, bags, harnesses, belts, pocket sqares and hats.

Marie Nouvelle is a luxury brand that promotes art in various forms and shapes, art which is embodied in products like scarves, dresses, blouses, all of them made from 100% pure silk. Behind the creative vision is a visual artist- painter and pattern designer Maria Dermengiu.

Marie Nouvelle is at its core an applied arts project in which all of the products embody patterns and visuals from the artist’s paintings and personal exhibitions and has developed it’s designs into two main categories - the Accessories Collection and the Home Deco Collection (Ceramic tiles, Lampshades and Wall Art). Marie Nouvelle Home Deco delivers custom products designated for interior decoration.

The scarves, the blouses, the dresses are made from 100% pure silk and incorporate the painting collections from private views of the artist at The National Romanian Peasant Museum , U Art Gallery and other renowned exhibition venues. Each scarf designed by Marie Nouvelle carries within itself a mood. It captures the exact moment from the canvas. Intricate designs, shapes and forms remind us of our common inheritance.