#designerexposed | 5 o’clock tea | EPISODE 14

#designerexposed | 5 o’clock tea

Insides from Mariana Villanueva


Molecule F: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Mariana Villanueva: Funny, Creative, Passionate.


M.F.: What would you wear from Molecule F, besides your collections?

M.V.: I like Venera Arapu, I like dresses; for me they are easier to wear and very comfortable as everyday clothes. I also like a lot Murmur, I find it very suggestive and sexy; Manokhi is great as well, and the colors of Marie Nouvelle are lovely, I have a frame with one of her scarf in the entrance of my house.


M.F.: 4 essential words:

M.V.: Love, Passion, Laugh, Forgive.


M.F.: Would you consider yourself having reached the peek of your career?

M.V.: Noooo, I think my peek will be reached in 10 years or more, haha. I feel I’ve acquired good experience so far, but there is so more to come. I need more. I want to learn and develop myself as much as I can, and I’m very grateful, because having my life always in continuous movement, allows me to find out new tools and inspiration. The energy of movement is the key engine for my growth reflected in my work.


M.F.: If you weren’t a designer, what would have been your second choice?

M.V.: Uhhh very difficult to say, Design for me is actually more than a career, is a way of living. It’s always present, in everything I do, when I’m creating things, when I’m dancing, painting, cooking, etc., now what would have been instead? Maybe a dancer or choreographer.


M.F.: What is the best advice you have ever received? What is the best advice you have ever given?

M.V.: An advice I’ve received regarding the professional life was: “When you feel that your design or art work is finished, don’t try to go beyond that point… Otherwise, you will ruin it… The best advisor for your design is your own inner. My advice to everybody will be to encourage them to follow their dreams, working on them with passion, because they will open new routes ahead, which will amaze you… Keep working on them, at your own rhythm, never allow others to tell you is not possible. Only follow your heart.


M.F.: When was the first time you realized that what you are doing is actually really cool and you want to keep going into that direction?

M.V.: Long time ago, when I was in Chile, starting to work in my own designs. I felt in love with them. Then this passion was boosted during my stay in Mexico, having the opportunity to create and bring into reality new ideas. Now, here in Romania, with the opportunity I’ve had to share and expose my designs to different people, and receiving fantastic feedback from them, I’m reenergized and full of power to continue progressing even further. I feel very gratefully for that.


M.F.: Who are your heroes? Is there anyone you admire and that inspires you?

M.V.: I don’t have heroes overall, what I do is admire and get inspiration from people’s ways of leaving, plenty of love and good energy from the Universe. In professional life, someone who I admire is Dale Chihuly, I love his work. Is incredible how he can express himself through his glass sculptures; when I saw the impressive Fiori di Como, inside the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, I was totally amazed how color was the real inspiration… In the same line, I like Frida Kahlo she inspires me for the colors in her work, they are so many and beautifully blended. As well, I like Coco Chanel, because she broke with the typical woman clothing line, most important, breaking some barriers and somehow changing woman’s thinking.

Mariana Villanueva Quote

Mariana Villanueva

Descopera produsele semnate Mariana Villanueva in Molecule F Concept Store din Promenada, Etaj 1.

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